Body Restore

Counteract the weekend's guilty treats and banish the Monday blues with this all encompassing class including cardio, toning and stretching to invigorate you for the rest of the day. Suitable for men and women at any age who want to get fitter and improve their mentality for the week. £5 drop in.

Ballet Fit

Sculpt & tone your body whilst improving you posture & flexibility. Ballet infused fitness class at the barre will make you sweat and give you an intense workout. Ever wanted to feel as graceful as a ballerina? Barre fitness will teach you how to extend your upper body whilst your lower body is working hard for beautiful sculpted legs, gluten and core. £5 drop in.

Adult Tap

Whether you love old movies, shiny new musicals or tv dance programmes this class is going to get your mind and body moving together, going right back to basics for everybody you can enjoy a pressure free environment that will help you get fit, improve coordination and get you excited for the panto season! No experience required, come and give it a go in your trainers and bring a friend for a laugh. £5 drop in.

Hip Hop Fitness

Exactly what it says on the tin. Fitness to all your favourite music. If you are bored of all the usual fitness classes at the gym and want something to pump you up and make you feel great for the weekend to sweat and burn the stress of the week away. You can request songs you want for next week and bring your mates along with you. £5 drop in.

Stamp Card

You will be given a STAMP card in the first lesson and after 10 stamps/lessons you will get the 11th lesson FREE.