Dance at Laura Deighton

Our range of professionally led dance classes include:

  • Ballet

    An artistic dance form performed to music, highly formalised set steps and gestures. Classical Ballet originated in Renaissance Italy in the fifteenth century, characterised by light, graceful movements and the use of Pointe shoes. A solid foundation for all dance types.

  • Modern dance

    A broad genre of expressive dance style including all genres of dance it should be fluid and free, and Modern expression of the body.

  • Jazz

    Dance is a performance dance and style that arose out of the United States in the 20th century. Jazz dance may allude to vernacular Jazz Broadway or dramatic Jazz. Styles include Dixieland, Swing Bebop and free Jazz performed to jazz music.

  • Tap

    A style of dance characterised by using the sound of Tap shoes striking the floor to form a type of percussion using heel and toe taps to sound out audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor or any hard surface.

  • Contemporary

    Contemporary dance is a style of dance performance that developed during the mid-twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world.

  • Musical Theatre

    Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical - humour, pathos, love, anger - are communicated through words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole. Fantastic classes every weekend – all are pay as you go.  

Fantastic classes every weekend – all are pay as you go.

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Qualities Of A Good Dance School

  • A Professional Setting

    A professional dance school will focus on one thing, your child’s continued progress in dance. Many dance schools are commercial in nature, focusing more on fun and recreation. Class sizes at these establishments are usually very large. Their main focus of a commercial school is their annual recital. If you want your child to learn a proper technique and receive quality instruction, choose a professional dance studio with small classes and serious teachers.

  • A Qualified Teacher

    Just as all dance schools are not the same, neither are all dance teachers, your choice of teacher is crucial to your child’s future success as a dancer. Bad habits and poor teaching are very hard to break, choose a school with qualified teachers and small classes and serious teachers.

  • A Cushioned Dance Floor

    Certain styles of dance put stress on young bones and joints, especially ballet, with its many leaps and jumps. Look for a professional floor that can absorb the shock of jumping. We have invested in our children and all students with two beautiful Lex Mar sprung floors please check dance schools claims of a “Sprung Floor."

  • Limited Class Sizes

    Ensure there is a limit on how many dancers are allowed in each class offering, so your young dancer gets quality instruction and individual time check the size of the studios and classes.

  • Pleasing Environment

    We at the Laura Deighton Dance Company believe the environment is as important as the studio and dance instruction one follows the other. We are a purpose-built studio built around their needs and aspirations at the forefront. Our studios and facilities are second to none, changing rooms, coffee area and numerous soft areas where students and families can relax, and even do some homework, we have dedicated WI-FI just for students, and the school has a theatre feel about it. Our Exams, Festival, and Show work make us one of the Midlands Top schools.

  • Realistic Expectations

    A quality dance school will always offer dance classes within the ability of the student. Professional teachers know when a child is ready to progress onto the next level through professional examinations.

  • Reasonable Tuition Fees

    You should have access to the fee structure and the cost of costumes, annual school show fees, and tickets.

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