Bullying Policy

Bullying involves the persistent physical or verbal abuse of another child or children. We take bullying seriously. If a child bullies another child or children:-


    • We intervene to stop the child harming the other child or children
    • We explain to the child carrying out the bullying why his/her behaviour is inappropriate
    • We give reassurance to the child/children being bullied
    • We help the child who has done the bullying to say sorry for his/her actions
    • We do not label children who bully
    • When children have been bullied, we share what’s happened with their parents
    • We work at acceptable ways of behaving with the child/parents


We believe children will enjoy being in an environment in which they know what’s expected of them where they can dance and develop in a safe environment without fear of harm. To enforce this, we expect our dancers to respect each other and take care of the equipment in the environment they dance and perform.